​ Overseas Recruitment Update due to Covid-19

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On account of the increasing number of positive Covid-19 cases in several countries, the local governments of Hong, Kong, Singapore and Saudi Arabia have decided to close international flights and temporarily suspend the hiring of foreign domestic workers from overseas. 

We understand your eagerness to land a job abroad however the recruitment is expected to open up after three months. The good news is, there are still employers in the website who are willing to wait for the perfect helper that will match their needs.

So we encourage you to continuously apply in the website! While waiting, you can increase your chances of getting hired in the website by following these profile tips:

  1. Add a professional photo
  2. Verify your profile
  3. Create a compelling job ad by highlighting your experiences, skills, training and your positive qualities as a helper.
  4. Request a review and/or a reference letter from your previous employers.

Also, once you have successfully found an employer, you can speed up your visa processing by preparing and applying for some required documents and training. Here are a few:

  1. NBI Clearance 
  1. Passport
  1. Tesda NCII Domestic work training
  1. Transcript of Records/School Diploma

Lastly, skip the anxiety and make sure to get a fit to work” clearance on your first try! Work on improving your health and prep yourself for your pre-employment medical examination. Here are some pointers on that:

In case you haven’t found the answer you were looking for, feel free to talk to us by clicking the Contact button above.

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