Can I change employers in Saudi Arabia?

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Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia are now able to change employers through Absher Afrad platform (Absher Individuals). This was announced last September as part of the Labor Reform Initiative (LRI) in March this year.

How does it work?

Through the Absher Afrad platform platform, domestic workers can respond to requests from employers to transfer their sponsorship by accepting or rejecting them by either rejecting or accepting them.

To start the process, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • The current employer is ready for the transfer.
  • No traffic violation is logged against the new employer or the domestic worker
  • The status of the new employer, the old employer and the domestic worker must be “living”.
  • The new employer must not be wanted by security authorities.
  • The domestic worker has not been reported as runaway in the system.
  • Chadian domestic workers are excluded from this service. • Services of domestic workers under the age of 25 cannot be transferred.
  • A married male employer and a divorced or widowed female can sponsor up to 4 domestic workers.
  • The maximum number of transfers for a domestic worker is 4 only.
  • Domestic worker’s resident identity must be valid for 15 days or more upon services waiver.
  • Domestic worker services cannot be transferred more than once within 24 hours.

Depending on the number of transfer request, the new employer will settle the following fees:

  • 1st time - 2000 SR
  • 2nd time - 4000 SR
  • 3rd time - 6000 SR

Transfer Process:

  1. The current employer must send an application through Absher to the new employer to request acceptance of the worker
  2. Go to the Absher Afrad platform > Employee Services > Services > Transfer of domestic workers services.
  3. The new employer will then wait for the approval from the domestic worker through Absher Afrad.
  4. Once this is approved and completed, the worker will be transferred to the new employer.

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