What are the steps after I find an employer? (Saudi Arabia)

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Once you have successfully found an employer in the website, your employer in Saudi Arabia will then process your E-visa online through the Musaned website by using Maroofa - a service that enables employers to recruit a domestic worker which is personally selected by the employer.

The Maroofa service in Musaned commits to 45-days of visa processing period however due to Covid-19 restrictions, current processing can go up to 90 days.

The good new is, helpers are assured that no placement or recruitment fees shall be collected when employers use this service.

How does it work?

  1. For your employer to avail of the Maroofa service, he/she needs your name and passport number so don't be afraid to give the details to your employer to facilitate the pre-selected recruitment processing.
  2. Your employer will then choose a recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia that fits his/her location and requirements. HelperChoice is also working on having accredited agencies to refer to employers and ensure an overall ethical hiring process.
  3. Your employer's selected recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia will endorse your information to their partner agency in the Philippines.
  4. The Philippine agency partner will contact you and ask you to report in their office for Visa Processing.

Basic Requirements (may change depending on the agency)]

  • NBI Clearance, PSA Birth Certificate, Passport - validity within 3years, Pictures - depends on agency (1 pc Whole Body, 6pcs. 2x2, 4pcs. 1x1

Documents to accomplish (may change depending on the agency)

  • Applicant’s Information Sheet, Domestic Helper Guidelines, Sworn Statement, Pre-Employment Financing Plan, Affidavit of no Passport record, Affidavit of Undertaking for Musaned requested helpers, Boarding House endorsement form (if applicable), Signed Accommodations agreement (if applicable) and Medical stub - for Medical Examination
  1. You will then have to undergo and pass the following to secure your working visa:
  • Fit to Work medical certificate - To be completed at one of the DOH-Accredited OFW Clinics (http://poea.gov.ph/clinic/dohclinics.html) in the Philippines, which is assigned by the agency.
  • TESDA Domestic Work NCII training - this is a mandatory training for all Filipinos willing to work overseas as a helper. TESDA has recently launched the compressed 12-day Blended Training Program for Domestic Work NC II. It will be a 10-day online training while the remaining two days will be done face-to-face for hands-on training and familiarization with related equipment. The certificate which will be released once you pass the assessment is valid for 5 years and is renewable once expired.
If the applicant has worked in KSA previously as a helper, she is not required to retake the training.

  1. Once all requirements are accomplished, you will go to the Saudi Arabia embassy in the Philippines for digital fingerprinting and obtain your visa.
  2. The Philippines agency will buy you a flight ticket to Saudi Arabia and assist you on your pre-departure and boarding.
  3. The Saudi Arabia recruitment agency will be the one to pick you up in the airport and bring you to their office where you will meet your employer.
  4. Your employer has 90 days to process your residence permit or Iqama and confirm your employment within that probationary period.

If within the probationary period your employer deems your performance unsatisfactory, he/she has the option to cancel your employment which will be coordinated with the Saudi Arabia and Philippines agency for repatriation procedure.

What else should you prepare?

Before processing your papers, make it a point to secure an Employment Contract between you and your employer based on the job offer and working conditions you agreed in the website during recruitment. There are specific standardized employment contracts depending on the sending country but here are the essential elements of a standard employment contract applicable in all countries for work:

  1. Your job scope and duties
  2. Salary/wages and benefits
  3. The rights and duties of both employer and helper
  4. Duration and termination of the contract
  5. Other labor-related regulations
The employment contract will give you a clear understanding of your responsibilities, legal rights and help reduce chances of any misunderstanding between you and your employer.

Lastly, make sure to have a passport with at least 3 years validity to fast track your visa processing and prepare to pass your medical examination. Here are some medical exam tips that you can follow.

How can I be ready for my employment in Saudi Arabia?

Be prepared for your employment by reading our Saudi Arabia Regulations Guidebook.

This guidebook aims to help applicants to be prepared for their employment by knowing the basic things about the country's culture and language and also to find information about their eligibility and the regulations in the country. Knowing your rights and responsibilities will equip you to work in the Kingdom and help you build and nurture a good working relationship with your employer.

HelperChoice works with ethical employment agencies to make sure foreign domestic helpers will not be overcharged. Your can advise your employer to message contact@helperchoice.com to get a quotation and be familiarized with the steps of foreign domestic helper work permit applications.

In case you haven’t found the answer you were looking for, feel free to talk to us by clicking the Contact button above.

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