How Do I Write An Ad That Will Create More Interest?

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How To Write A Good Ad?

Be as precise as possible in your ad in order to get relevant applications. You will then be able to further discuss with potential applicants through direct messages and set up an interview.

Be sure to also fill out the information accurately and according to your preference and what you are looking for a helper.

Specify all your info and your ideal helper’s requirements based on the selections provided below.

Specify all your info and your ideal helper’s requirements

Any information that you will select may match a helper that also has the same criteria when they look for an employer. So, the key is to be specific.

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Be sure to also follow the minimum salary requirement of your country so domestic helpers would be interested to apply. The types of work you are asking for your domestic worker to do also affect how domestic helpers react to your job ad.

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Specific requirements help applicants to decide whether they want to apply to your job post and so you may want to declare what is permissible by your country's law, and what you expect from a helper.

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