How do I create an ad?

​How do I create an ad?

You are asked to write an ad during the registration process. If you have finished registration and you did not create an ad, you can follow the instructions below.

First, you need to login. Simply go to, enter your credentials and click Login. If you registered via Facebook, you can click on the blue Facebook button.

Then, open the menu (three lines on the upper left) and click My ad.

Click on Edit.

Foreign domestic workers can only engage in full-time work.

Enter your preferred working conditions (salary, day off, and location). Note that other options (share a room and co-worker) only apply to certain cases.

You can now create your ad. Make sure to put a catchy title. Be as precise as possible in your ad in order to get relevant applications. You will then be able to further discuss with potential employers through direct messages and set up an interview. Please do not add a contact number in the ad. For more tips, you may read this article.

Select your competencies from the My Skills section, and you're done!

In case you haven’t found the answer you were looking for, feel free to talk to us by clicking the Contact button above.


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