How to Compute your Claims using POLO Hong Kong's Online Claims Calculator

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Did you know that you can compute your employment money claims through POLO Hong Kong's online claims calculator?

Whether your contract is about to end, has expired or was prematurely terminated, the claims calculator will be useful in knowing what you are entitled to receive from your employer before leaving Hong Kong.

What applicable claims can be computed online?

  • Unpaid Wages - salary that has not been paid to you by your employer. The minimum salary of domestic workers in Hong Kong is currently at HK$4630 monthly.
  • Food Allowance - this applies if you are not given free food by your employer. The required food allowance is HK$1121 per month.
  • Wages in lieu of notice - If you have been terminated by your employer without a one-month notice, you are entitled to a one-month salary as compensation.
  • Annual Leave and Holidays - under the Employment Ordinance, you are entitled to rest days, statutory holidays, paid annual leave, and vacation leave.
  • Long Service payment - You are entitled to this if you have worked continuously with your employer for not less than 5 years.
  • Severance Payment - This is the amount your employer is legally required to pay if he/she decided to terminated you prior to the expiry of the employment contract.

Here are the steps for computation of claims for the following benefits:

  1. First, open your the browser in your mobile phone or computer and paste this link:
  2. In the Personal Information page, type in your name, your employers name, your monthly wage, your first day of work and last day of work then click "Next".
You can compute your daily wage by dividing your monthly wage by 30.42. Example: Monthly salary HK$4630 / 30.42 = HK$152.20

  1. If applicable, tick the boxes for Unpaid Wages or Unpaid Food Allowance and input the inclusive dates that you are due.

Encode the number of months or days you haven't be compensated (whichever is applicable) for the computation to appear in the total unpaid wage section.

If you have received payment and food allowance up to date, you may skip this page by clicking "Next"

  1. If you have been terminated without notice, tick the Wages in Lieu of Notice box then encode the number of months or days from the time you have been terminated without notice.

For the Annual Leave section, first, indicate the number of leaves you have taken/used, then the number of months or years you have been with the employer to get the total number of leaves and the corresponding total amount you are due.

  1. For this page, just select what is applicable to you between Long Service payment or Severance payment.

The Daily Food and travelling allowance will be shouldered by employer and this includes a Return Passage plane ticket with checked baggage allowance.
  1. On the last part, tick the boxes of any unpaid dues or deductions that applies to you such as Statutory Holiday Pay, Annual Leave, Rest Day pay, agreed upon deductions from wages (property damage, cash advances) and any form of reimbursement or payment. Once done, click Next for the Total Computation to appear.
Make sure that all information is correct to get an accurate claims computation. Otherwise, this will serve more of a guide on how much you are entitled to at the end of your employment.

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