Benefit From A 50% Discount On Your AXA Domestic Helper Insurance

Benefit From A 50% Discount On Your AXA Domestic Helper Insurance

HelperChoice is partnering with AXA Hong Kong, a leading insurance company, to provide employers with a discount on helper insurance packages. Check the article HelperChoice and AXA Hong Kong Offer Comprehensive Protection to Domestic Workers and Employers for further information. You can benefit from this discount only if your job is located in Hong Kong.

If you have not signed up on HelperChoice yet, you can benefit from a 50% discount on your AXA domestic helper insurance if you opt for this option by clicking on the box when you first sign up. The registration is free.

If you have already signed up on HelperChoice, you can benefit from this discount if you click the corresponding box when you pay your membership on the Pricing page or when you upgrade on your dashboard. 

By clicking on the link to benefit from the discount and be contacted by an AXA agent, you agree that HelperChoice can share your personal data (name, phone number and email) with AXA for sponsorship of Helper’s training and that your data can be used in direct marketing related to insurance products. You also understand the terms and of sales.

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