How Do I Stop My Premium Renewal?

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How do I Stop My Premium Renewal?

The premium membership to HelperChoice is a subscription, as highlighted on the payment page in orange and under the total: 

Premium Subs

You can stop your renewal at any time by going to "My account" --> "Subscription" --> "Cancel". You must cancel 24 hours before the automatic renewal is due to process.

For desktop users

To access "My account", click the circle icon on the top right-hand corner once you have signed in. If you have uploaded a picture to your profile, your icon would be a circular image. Otherwise, your initials will be in the icon. You will now see a drop-down menu. Click on "My account".

Next, you should see a box stating your subscription information. On the top right-hand corner of this box, you will find a cancel button.

Once you have done that, you should see that your "Renewal of subscription" becomes "No". This shows you have cancelled your renewal successfully. If you wish to be renewed again, click on the "Modify my subscription" button to change it back.

For mobile users

Once you have logged in with your phone, tap on the 3 stripes on the top left-hand corner to bring up the menu.

A slide-in menu will appear from the left. Then tap on "My account" to access your account information.

Scroll down to see your subscription information. Tab "Cancel" to stop renewal. Modify if you change your mind.

And there you go! Your subscription will not be renewed once you have stopped the renewal. You will not be charged for another period. Please be reminded again that you must cancel 24 hours before the automatic renewal is due to process. Otherwise, you may still be charged.


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