What are the steps after I find an employer? (Hong Kong Only)

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Once you have successfully found an employer in the website, your employer have different options to hire you depending on the country you wish to work in, your contract status or nationality.

If you are hired through HelperChoice (Hong Kong only)

After your future employer and you agree on working together, HelperChoice team will get back to you! We will ask you to come by to the office to review your personal details and documents. You will need to prepare the following:

  • Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Previous contract (if any)
  • Release letter from the previous employer (if any)
  • Copy of ID522 (Acknowledgement letter from the Immigration - if any)
  • Reference person contact details in Hong Kong
  • Reference person contact details in the Philippines

Then relax! We will guide you when you come to the office, in a friendly environment, and will take care of the process for you!

What to expect otherwise?

Before processing your papers, make it a point to secure an Employment Contract between you and your employer. There are specific standardized employment contracts depending on the sending country but here are the essential elements of a standard employment contract applicable in all countries for work:

  1. Your job scope and duties
  2. Salary/wages and benefits
  3. The rights and duties of both employer and helper
  4. Duration and termination of the contract
  5. Other labor-related regulations
The employment contract will give you a clear understanding of your responsibilities, legal rights and help reduce chances of any misunderstanding between you and your employer.

Visa Processing

For Filipino Domestic helpers who found an employer in Hong Kong, here is a complete guide on what to do.

Processing generally takes 4-6 weeks for new applicants/finished contract cases and 5-7 weeks for helpers terminated due to relocation/financial reasons.

For foreign domestic helpers who found employers in Singapore, employers can either use an agency or apply for their work permit by themselves (online or in-person).

For those who found employers in Saudi Arabia, you can be hired via a "well-known" service through the Musaned portal which usually takes 45 days to process for both first time applicants, finished or break contract helpers.

For more information about the Musaned service, please check out this article.

HelperChoice works with ethical employment agencies to make sure foreign domestic helpers will not be overcharged. Your can advise your employer to message contact@helperchoice.com to get a quotation and be familiarized with the steps of foreign domestic helper work permit applications.

In case you haven’t found the answer you were looking for, feel free to talk to us by clicking the Contact button above.

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