​Give A Recommendation Letter To A Former Helper

Give A Recommendation Letter To A Former Helper

A recommendation letter offered by a helper's former employer is useful for evaluating the helper's previous work performance. Sometimes the helper's former or current employer is ready to talk with you about how the helper performed when working for them. Check out this article on The Importance of Reference Letter for Domestic Helper to learn more.

In some of the helper profiles, you can see their previous employers have left them a recommendation. And sometimes in the Experiences section, the helpers mentioned that their old employers are contactable. You can ask these helpers to provide their employers' contact information for a reference check. 

If you want to give a past or current employee the best chance of finding a new job, you can recommend them on the HelperChoice website. The helper needs to ask for a recommendation on the HelperChoice platform using your phone number.

To write a recommendation, either follow the instructions in the text we will send you or go to your helper's profile to write a review.

In case you haven’t found the answer you were looking for, feel free to contact us at contact@helperchoice.com.

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