What kind of jobs are available on HelperChoice?

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HelperChoice is an online platform dedicated to migrant domestic workers. As such, jobs available are only domestic worker related. Domestic work varies according to the family's needs. Sometimes, they are looking for a helper to take care of a baby. Sometimes, it's taking care of the elderly. Caregiving type of jobs are also available on HelperChoice.

Cooking is also a common type of task as a domestic helper. It's good to highlight if you have special skills. On occassion, a family invests in training the domestic helper in making local dishes.

Families with pets also look for helpers who have had experience doing the same. If you are allergic to dogs or cats, it is important to let the family know.

Other job categories are not available. Domestic helpers are restricted from taking different type of jobs in the country where they are deployed.

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