Non-refundable Subscription Payment to Agencies User Account Updated by

Accounts created on behalf of employment agencies are strictly prohibited.

HelperChoice's mission is to eradicate placement fees and human trafficking for foreign domestic workers. HelperChoice is also a registered employment agency in Hong Kong.

Regarding the use of our platform, we do not accept any account connected to any agencies.

In accordance with our Terms of Sales:

Legal persons or natural persons acting on behalf of a legal person or employment agencies are prohibited from registering on the Platform as Employers or as Domestic Helpers without prior written permission from HelperChoice, establishing contact with Domestic Helpers, fully or partially recovering the database from the website or using the website.

We can tag your account as an agency or related to agency practices activities such as:

  • Posting an Ad on behalf of other person/family and a company;
  • Posting an Ad for a mass hiring or group hiring;
  • Referring a candidate to other employers;
  • Interviewing a candidate on behalf of other employers.

Committing such activities on our platform will result in the cancellation of your account. In case an account were currently have an ongoing subscription, it will be stopped immediately and payment and previous payment are non-refundable.

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