Is It Okay To Upload My Documents In HelperChoice?

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Is It Okay To Upload My Documents In HelperChoice?

Thank you for signing up with HelperChoice!

When applying for a job, your documents serve as proof that you are a reliable person to contact by employers. Employers have more confidence that you are vetted well, can see your track of records, that you are a real person looking for a job.

A verified profile has 10x more chances of getting hired!

If you have not uploaded your documents yet from the time you first signed up, please make sure to click "Verify my profile" or click Upload Documents so you can upload the documents required. 

If you still cannot click the links above, here are the direct links you can try.

Uploading your documents in HelperChoice is definitely valid to consider and a requirement when you are looking for a job. It definitely helps us check your skills, your qualifications, and capability for the next job.

These documents are secured with us so you do not have to worry when uploading them on our site. HelperChoice is a secured platform and the documents are only visible by the verification team.

In case you haven't found the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us at

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